Self Consumption

Smart Solar Power

Self-consumption using photovoltaic solar panels allows you to produce and consume some of your own energy.

It is a method that involves harnessing the energy of the sun for the production of clean, sustainable, free and environmentally friendly energy.
With solar panels for self-consumption, greater efficiency is achieved when the system is sized according to the consumption profile of each dwelling.
Where there is a surplus of production, surplus energy may be injected into the RESP or sold by concluding a contract between the producer and the SRB or a free market trader.

How it works

Self-consumption consists of the installation of photovoltaic solar panels that produce a direct current (DC) proportional to the solar radiation that is on them. This current is driven to the inverter that transforms it into alternating current (AC), with frequency and voltage similar to that of the electrical network.

The electricity in AC produced by the system passes through the framework of consumption and protection, being distributed and consumed instantly in all points of consumption. In the case of storage systems, excess energy is stored in batteries and used at any time, even outside the solar period.


Reduction of electrical bill

Producing its own energy is largely independent of the energy production of the grid. The autonomy of the public network can gradually increase thanks to the ability to update our solutions and the evolution of storage solutions.

Energy independence

Protect yourself from future fluctuations in electricity prices for at least 25 years following the installation of the photovoltaic self-consumption system. Have full control of your energy production capacity and manage your consumption more effectively.


By using only solar energy you can significantly reduce the ecological footprint, saving the environment more emissions and consuming only clean energy.


Photovoltaic solar panels require very little maintenance and have a duration of more than 25 years of full use, being a guaranteed return investment.