Network Connection Request

Network Connection Request

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Frequently Asked Questions

My house does not have an Electricity Extension?

If your house does not have an electricity branch and you want to hire our services. You should always first place an order with the E-REDES Distribution Network Operator. The same applies to stores, offices or small businesses.

What documents or data are needed?

• Fiscal number;
• Citizen’s card / identity card / passport / corporate identity card;
• Address of the installation with indication of the geographical coordinates;
• Power to order.

What do we do after an order is placed with E-REDES?

After placing your E-REDES connection request, you will receive a quote with the following elements:
• Technical conditions of the connection;
• Necessary connection elements, dimensions and characteristics thereof;
• Materials to be used;
• Charges relating to connecting elements or due to third parties, if any.

How can I run the electrical branch?

After receiving the documentation referring to the extension request, send us all the documentation through our form, or by emailing

We are a certified company for the execution and certification of the electrical branch.