Business Areas

Energy Transport and Distribution

“Electric power to your house.”

Barata & Marcelino is responsible for the process of transporting energy to the consumer.

The energy distribution network has been reinforced and modernized in order to respond to new demands, such as demographic growth and the consequent evolution of consumption. It consists of overhead lines and underground cables of high, medical and low voltage, always guaranteeing the necessary levels of quality, minimizing the losses of the networks.

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Electrical Installations

“No one knows electricity like we do”

Avoid unnecessary problems and hassles. Trust in dedicated, experienced professionals with a high sense of responsibility, who have been helping companies and individuals since 1985.

Barata e Marcelino is today your safety and professional partner. We customize all technical solutions to your needs.

Network Connection Requests

“They still don’t have electricity…don’t worry”

If your house does not have an electricity meter, Barata & Marcelino is a certified company for the execution and certification of the electrical branch.

We can handle all the bureaucracy with E-Redes and a maximum period of 15 days after making your connection request you will receive a quote with the following elements:

– Technical conditions of the connection
– Required connection elements, dimensions and characteristics of these
– Materials to use
– Charges relating to connecting elements or due to third parties, if any.

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Energy Efficiency

“The future passes through Barata & Marcelino.”

Day after day, we have the clear objective of investing in sustainability and greater energy efficiency.
The optimization of consumption, delivering more and more comfort and quality to our customers, avoiding waste, is today one of the fundamental vectors of our company.
A social responsibility that involves, above all, a reduction in the environmental impact of energy consumption.

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Customized Projects

“Because each client is unique”

Being competitive, differentiating, sustainable… these are all of our goals today. Whether individuals or companies, the way we use energy is fundamental to our portfolio.
As such, Barata & Marcelino has at its disposal a team of specialists who will identify, monitor and carry out the project according to your needs.

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Each and every construction project, of greater or lesser dimension, must have a Topographic Survey for its technical support and necessary information both to technicians and to public entities. Barata & Marcelino has a multidisciplinary team that is in charge of this work, as well as all the energy projects adjacent to its construction.

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