Looking back, the past allows us to understand the present and to dream about the future. We have over thirty years of experience and the path to success has been built over the years due to the result of hard work, strategy and vision, that we have always made a point of sharing with closest employees.

The company has grown in a safe and sustainable way based on heavy, successive investments and acquisitions, which have enabled us to diversify and strengthen operations and verticalize the business.

The date when Barata & Marcelino – Instalações Eléctricas, Lda was founded by Fernando Barata e José Marcelino, 17 June 1985, is now a long time ago. We started with a group of 5 employees, including the partners, in a small storehouse and we had the aim of domestic, building and industrial electrical installations maintaining, that we have diversified over the years.


With a carefully designed expansion plan, a strong focus on innovation and important decisions made, we arrived in 2015 with much work done, but with much still to do.

We are trusted by a wide range of customers, including EDP, EDA, REFER, IROA, EDIA, municipalities and other private enterprises connected to our business, that we offer a wide range of services.

The path traversed so far has not diminished our ambition, it has reinforced our desire to continue to grow, to develop new projects and to tackle new challenges.